Siem Reap / Angkor – Cambodia

Years later I can have a laugh about it. But this video does show how important it is to check the equipment you rent. In this case, a bike. I had swapped the bike I had with the one of a friend, as she wanted to head back and mine drove better. So I was using her bike which was not well maintained. This led to some exciting moments on the pothole filled roads in Cambodia.

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Saigon / Ho Chi Minh City – Vietnam

It was an early rise to take in the surrounding view from the rooftop of the place where I was staying. It was my first morning there as I had arrived just the day before. This video features the “Saigon soundtrack”. A mix of honks, bells, busses, cars, motorcycles, loud speakers, people and more.

The video below was not initially made to put online, so the mentioning of names may be a bit strange. Caroline was a girl I met on CouchSurfing and we agreed to meet up in Vietnam and perhaps travel together for a bit. She arrived in Saigon (HCMC) a few days before me and she left just as I arrived. I eventually did catch up to her and we ended up travelling together for a few days before we went our own ways again. Danielle, another girl from CouchSurfing, agreed to meet up too but I never heard from her again.

The video cuts short in the end because there are people in the room (you can hear one girl snoaring 😉 who’s privacy I want to respect.

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Koh Samet – Thailand


Island hopping in Thailand is easy because of, well, the many islands. Each island is just a bit different, and some are quite different. Especially in atmosphere. Some are more party oriented, others are great to just relax on. But on most of them you can have a delicious dinner on the beach, just a few meters away from the water.

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Tonle Sap lake – Cambodia


During the dry season this is a 2.700 km² lake, but because of the rain season it will grow to an astonishing 16.000 km². The green “shrubs” you see in the picture are actually tree tops. The water level rises so much that the boats must navigate through them. I’m sure that now you’ll see why the people living on the lake build their houses on stilts. It’s a sight worth seeing!

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Ayutthaya – Thailand


The quiet town Ayutthaya is the place where you can see the famous “head in tree”. Many Buddha statues you find in the ruines are missing their arms and legs. This large head which was once on a statue had been placed against a tree. Over the years the roots simply grew around it.

Ayutthaya isn’t that big and the streets are divided up into blocks. So you can easily discover Ayutthaya by bike, which you can rent pretty much anywhere.

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Kyaikkami – Myanmar (Burma)

This page has it’s own YouTube channel where I upload my own travel videos to share with you!

I crossed paths with this travelling band in or around Kyaikkami. They were all too happy to play music for whoever wanted to listen. They didn’t want money or anything else. All they wanted was to share music and joy. Have a listen!

They didn’t speak English very well at all and so when I asked them the name of their band so I could include it when I posted the video, I’m not sure if I even understood it correctly. I scribbled it down and I’m sad to admit that during the rest of the travel I seem to have lost that paper.

Looking back, I really miss Myanmar (Burma). A country full of contradictions but with beautiful sights, friendly people, tasty food and lovely sounds like these. I’m sure that one day I will go back there. Who knows, I may even run into these guys again 😉

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