Angkor street view – Cambodia

Since the beginning of April you can visit the temples of Angkor on Google maps. Just drag the yellow Google Maps Peg man into the temple complex and you can start walking around Angkor digitally. You can save the trip to Cambodia! Although I personally would suggest you to visit this beautiful country anyway 😉

Normally Google uses a car equipped with cameras on the roof for their street view images. Obviously this is not possible for Angkor and other places. So they designed a special ‘backpack’ with cameras to do the same, but while the carrier is walking around. Some types of organizations can actually borrow the “Trekker equipment” as they call it to help collect views of remote an unique places.

Follow this link for more information: Google Angkor street view

And here’s a promotional video that Google launched for Angkor street view

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Siem Reap / Angkor – Cambodia

A tour of Ta Prohm, the temple that became famous because of Lara Croft and the Tomb Raider movie. The temples surrounding Angkor Wat may not be as big, but they are certainly not less impressive! So don’t just hang around the big famous temple, but give the little ones a chance!

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