Is 2014 the year of the plane crashes?

What’s going on?

I can’t answer that question. I’m not part of the Air Crash Investigation team. But I can tell you that this will not be an article detailing what happened to the MH370, MH17, GE222 or AH5017 flights. There are enough articles, ongoing stories, speculations and conspiracy theories about those four incidents all over the internet which you can easily find should you be interested. With this article I will attempt to shed some light on why 2014 seems to be such a bad year when it comes to commercial airline incidents.

This article handles commercial airline incidents. In 2013 a total of 138 plane crashes happened, but just 12 of those were commercial flights.

So, is 2014 the year of the plane crashes?

It certainly seems to feel that way. First Malaysian Airlines MH370 disappears, then Malaysian Airlines MH17 gets shot down, shortly after TransAsia flight GE222 crashed due to bad weather and the very next day AH5017 crashes, also believed due to bad weather though this is still being investigated.

However, the short answer to the question is: no. Continue reading

Vietnam will sentence you to death …

… but only if you are found guilty of possessing or trafficking of more than 600 grams of heroine or 20 kilos of opium. Vietnam has one of the toughest laws concerning drugs.

Whatever people do for themselves that doesn’t harm or inconvenience others around them is their business. But people should be aware that the laws in some countries will be enforced. And some countries’ laws are more strict than others. In South East Asia, you don’t want to test those laws.

Pham Trung Dung, a 37 year old Australian with Vietnamese roots, found that out the hard way. He got caught in May 2013 in the Tan Son Nhat airport in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). He was carrying two suitcases which contained four kilograms of heroin. More than enough to get into trouble!

At the time he was trying to fly back to Australia with his wife and children. Dung stated that an unidentified man offered him $40.000 to transport the drugs from Vietnam to Australia. Unbelievable as that may sound, things like that do happen. Criminals know that people will do crazy things for a big bag of money.

Best of luck to Dung, who can still appeal the case. But whether or not he decides to do that is up to him and his lawyers.

There are about 700 people on death row in Vietnam. Many of those got there because of drug offences. That includes dozens of foreigners, but it has been decades since a foreigner actually got executed.

For your own sake, don’t get involved in any drug related activity in South East Asia, not just Vietnam. Even though a lot of drugs can be found and is produced there, the big guys remain untouched due to the prevalent corruption in many countries. The little guys are the ones filling the prisons.

Just take in the culture, food, people, smiles and experiences as your high 😉

A shot of the Heroin drug by the Drug Enforcement Agency

A shot of the Heroin drug by the Drug Enforcement Agency