TravelTom where are you?

When I see this picture I took of my camera with my phone, I think two things:

  1. That is why you buy a more expensive camera with decent build quality and sealing
  2. I miss travelling like this so much

I took this picture when arriving in Lone Ton in Myanmar after a 41 kilometer (25.5 miles) trip from Hopin on the back of a motorbike. There is only one dirt road crossing the mountains that links the two towns. I took that road together with people I met along the way, during which I took pictures and video of the scenery and my fellow travellers riding  along on the other motorbikes.

To the best of my Google Maps road measuring capabilities, this is the road from Hopin to Lone Ton measured out. Lone Ton is is on the upper left, Hopin on the lower right.

Road from Hopin to Lone Ton

Road from Hopin to Lone Ton

The ride looks something like this. This is on the flats, you can see some of the mountains up ahead.

I also spent some time pushing the motorbike up hill, as the one that I was getting a ride on had some issue and was underpowered. So it did not do well up hill. Which is kind of important when you need to cross a mountain 😉 These things happen and you just have to take them in stride, don’t get angry or upset about it. Just deal with it when it happens.

As you can see, it’s no wonder my trusty Canon 5D Mark II ended up looking like it did. I still have it to this day, although I don’t use it much anymore as I bought a Mark III. But it works just fine, and looks a lot cleaner now 😉

I’m making this post because I miss travelling. I miss having the unknown ahead of me, the discoveries I make, the people I meet, the conversations I have, the lessons I learn about a country, a culture and myself. I even miss having a face so full of dirt after getting from point A to point B that it looks like you have a unibrow. Point in case:


It’s not like I didn’t travel since my last post here. In fact many things happened. The biggest one being that I moved to another country and started a new life with a new job. I travelled to the Czech Republik twice, the U.K., Germany, Vietnam, The Netherlands, France and Portugal. I also travelled inside the country I now live in and of course to my home country, which recently suffered a terrorist attack. Aside from travelling I am studying a lot these days for both work and a new language to better deal with my new social environment and integrating.

Life has been crazy since last posting here, but mostly in a good way. And now that things are slowly settling down, I can get back to making new posts every now and then.

Now here’s some good news. I still have a lot of pictures and videos that I haven’t posted yet. And I have made more during the time I didn’t post here.

But best of all, I will soon be on a 5 week vacation and I’ll be heading to Vietnam and Korea, and maybe Japan if time and money allows for it. So there will be more stories and pictures coming from those places as well.

Times are still pretty busy so posts won’t be coming very quickly or one after the other. I just want to let you know that TravelTom is not dead, it was just sleeping 🙂

Have a nice day all, see you in the next post and keep travelling 🙂