Rrrrrrrracing in Finland!!

Speed! Power! Adrenaline! Action!

None of those words really applied to the racing event I went to on Saturday February 10th, 2018.

Mind you, while the speeds don’t get up to formula 1 standards and the power doesn’t match up to drag racing cars, it’s actually really a lot of fun to see all the racers go round. Everyone was really friendly and some teams made efforts to put some humor into their lawn mowers or outfits 🙂

On that day I attended the 12 hour Snow Lawn Mower Race, which was part of the Baltic Cup. That’s right, a 12 hour race that started at 9 am. Which means that there are people that are pretty serious about this thing! I wasn’t so serious about it though so I wasn’t getting out of bed at 6 am on a Saturday morning to make the 3 hour drive from where I live to Lavia, where the race took place on a frozen lake, mostly because I had a long day and a late night just before.

Baltic Cup Snow Lawn Mower Racing in Lavia, on the frozen Karhijärvi lake

On the frozen Karhijärvi lake to be precise, at the end of Susiniementie road. One of the more than 187,888 lakes in Finland larger than 500 square metres (5,400 sq ft). This one near the town of Lavia, a good example of a quaint little town like so many others in the country, more or less in the middle between the bigger cities Pori and Tampere.

From the air the track looked like this :

Bird's-eye view of the track

Bird’s-eye view of the track

The organization for the lawn mower race was pretty good, there was a seating arrangement and food for sale on site. And when I emailed them with some questions they answered quickly and politely. It shows that Lawn Mower Racing Finland has done this before.

Anyhow, on to the pictures!

I didn’t spend all day at the event as I went on to Pori and Närpes and had to make it to a dinner reservation in the evening. But another photographer, Joe Szpara, seems to have been there the whole day and has uploaded a whopping 544 pictures of the event to a Facebook album. So head on over there if you want to see more.

And for some video, head on over to the page of DriveTribe, who seem to have picked up footage that was made at the event, compiling moments from start to finish. And of course YouTube is full of clips too of course!

If you missed this occasion, don’t worry, you can attend more races on 12/5/2018 in Kose (Estonia), 16/06/2018 in Stelpe (Latvia), 20/10/2018 in Ristiina (Finland).

And if that doesn’t do it for you but you feel more like exciting sports like wife carrying, swamp soccer or beer floating, than here’s a page for you to check out!

Clearly, when you visit Finland there are plenty of opportunities to attend a crazy event 🙂