New mega airport in Istanbul, Turkey


A consortium of companies wants to build the world’s largest airport in Istanbul. Not just that, they want to have the first phase of it ready by 2018. That’s extremely ambitious if you keep in mind that at that phase they plan to have 90 million travellers passing by every year. The busiest European airport, London Heathrow, served 72.3 million travellers in 2013. Upon completion the new airport, also referred to as Istanbul Grand Airport should serve 150 million travellers every year.

Istanbul already has 2 international airports. Ataturk International on the European side which served 51.3 million travellers in 2013 (14% increase from 2012). And Sabiha Gokcen Airport on the Asian side which served 18.6 million million travellers last year (28.7% increase from 2012).

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